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Watch Repair & Jewelry Repair


Watch Repair

We are proud to have some of the best Master Watch Technicians on-site, in our repair shop, ready to do watch repair. We specialize in watch repair for movements, including Rolex watch repair, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Accutron, Omega, Piaget and many others. If you need Citizen watch repair, look no further. Seiko watch repair? We do that too! The next time you think “watch repair near me”, think M&I and stop by.

Our high end watch repair specialists are happy to perform any of the following watch repair services for you:

Watch battery replacements for all major brands, including Seiko, Casio, Citizen and more

Refinishing or polishing your watch casing, band, or dial

Watch band resizing done while you wait

Stem and crown, mainspring, or all other internal component repairs

No matter what maintenance you need, our watch repair process is fairly straightforward with just a few simple steps:

We provide a free inspection of your timepiece and give a free estimate based on the wear and damage to any components

Once you approve the work estimate, we’ll carefully take your watch apart piece by piece to work on each component individually and reach the hidden surfaces

Each piece will be thoroughly cleaned to remove any oxidation, corrosion, or other residue

Any damaged or broken parts will be replaced from our massive in-house inventory of spare parts

The individual watch components are re-oiled and reassembled into working order

Mechanical Watch Repair

If you think it is a hassle to get your mechanical watch repaired in the Las Vegas area, think again! With M&I International, repairing your mechanical watch has never been more simple for you. Learn more about mechanical watch repair.

Wrist Watch Repair

Is your favorite wrist watch broken? Has it suffered some damage that you would like repaired? Good news! There are solutions available for you so you will be able to get your watch working good-as-new once again, ready for the adventures you have in store. Learn more about our wrist watch repair services.

Vintage Watch Repair

Do you have a special vintage watch that you need repaired? Find out how M&I’s experts handle Vintage Watch Repair.

For optimal performance and longevity, we recommend your high end timepieces undergo a full cleaning every three years. For specialty or antique timepieces you may even want to make an annual checkup a habit to keep things running smoothly for years to come

Watch crystal replacement

In addition to our massive inventory of watch batteries, we have over 100,000 crystals in stock for every conceivable kind of wristwatch and pocket watch out there. If we can’t find a crystal that fits your watch, we have an in-house state of the art crystal cutting machine that can create a custom replacement crystal for you. Watch crystal replacement and watch batteries are an essential part of proper watch repair. Trust M&I to get it done.

Breitling watch crystal replacement-1

The highest quality on-site Jewelry Repair & Watch Repair in Las Vegas

No matter how careful you are in protecting your well-loved watches, regular wear-and-tear in the form of scrapes, scratches, or bends is bound to catch up with you eventually. Your watch bands and cases can be refinished to look like new. Regular maintenance of your mechanical watches should be performed regularly, in addition to a full cleaning and oiling every 3 years – even if everything is in good working order!

This regular maintenance and preventative care can extend the lifespan of your watch for years to come.


At M & I we perform an average of 2,000 repairs per month. With a fine success rate across all watch and jewelry repairs, many of these jobs are returning customers or friendly referrals from new repairs. Come see why we’re the most trusted jewelry and watch repair technicians in the Las Vegas region.

Here are some of the watch and jewelry repair services we offer to keep your pieces looking and working great for years to come.

Jewelry repair

No matter how careful you are in protecting your well-loved jewelry, regular wear-and-tear in the form of scrapes, scratches and broken prongs or loose stones can catch up with you eventually. Just like our watch repair, you can bring your jewelry at any time to have your merchandise checked, free of charge, to evaluate if any repairs are necessary to keep your jewelry in pristine condition.

99% of all jewelry repair is done on-site by our master jeweler in our state-of-the-art repair center. In fact, many of these repairs and adjustments can be done in a matter of minutes while you wait for same-day use. Here are some of the most common jewelry repair services we offer:

Repairing broken or damaged prongs and settings to keep your stones securely in place

Precious rhodium plating to keep your white gold rings looking bright white

Resize platinum, gold, silver and white gold rings, chains, and wedding bands.

Structural repairs on rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and charm repairs

Re-setting diamonds and other precious gemstones

Replacing clasps such as lobster claws, spring rings and barrel locks (in gold or silver)

Our expert jeweler is adept at any and all repairs you need, whether you’re looking for one of the services listed above or need something custom repaired on your favorite piece of jewelry. Get in touch with us to learn more about pricing for our jewelry repair services and to see how soon you can expect to have your jewelry back in mint condition.


Free jewelry cleaning

At M&I International we appreciate our loyal customers. As a small token of our appreciation we’re proud to offer a free jewelry cleaning service on all standard jewelry, with no purchase required.

Our jewelers will inspect your jewelry’s gem settings, prongs, clasps, chains, and bands for any signs of wear and tear that may require long term fix. They will then carefully clean the surfaces with the appropriate process for the metals and stones involved.

This service has always been and will always be free, so don’t forget to bring your jewelry with you when you come in to get a new band or battery for your watch.


Resizing rings larger or smaller

One of the more intricate jewelry repair services we offer is resizing a ring to be larger or smaller to fit your fingers properly. We can rhodium plate your platinum yellow and white gold rings to give it a beautiful luster. We can also polish your ring and make them look like new.

Sizing up rings

There are two basic ways to make a ring larger: stretching and bridging. Stretching – as its name implies – is where the ring shank is heated and stretched to the desired size. This process is relatively cheap as no extra metal is needed to make the ring larger. However, the lower price is not without drawbacks – stretching a ring’s shank can thin out the material too much and weaken the structural integrity of your ring, increasing the likelihood of future breaks or damage.

These shortcomings in ring stretching are why we often recommend bridging when resizing rings larger. Bridging involves cutting the bottom of the shank and adding a small piece of identical metal to expand the ring to the desired size.

Sizing down rings

Making a ring smaller is generally simpler than making it larger. Like the bridging method, sizing down a ring involves making a cut in the bottom of the shank and removing a piece of metal until the desired size is reached. The two halves will then be soldered back together and evened out so you’d never even know any work was done.


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