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Mechanical Watch Repair

mechanical watch repair

If you think it is a hassle to get your mechanical watch repaired in the Las Vegas area, think again! With M&I International, repairing your mechanical watch has never been more simple for you.

M&I International is the leader in watch repair in the greater Las Vegas region. Since 1984, M&I have been providing top-notch quality professional service to customers like you who need care when it comes to watches and jewelry. M&I specializes in on-site jewelry repair, watch repair, clock repair, and changing of watch batteries.

M&I’s mechanical watch repair service is the best around. With professionals who are dedicated to giving you the greatest service possible, you will find that your watch will receive the best care it needs.

When you come to M&I International, high-end professional specialists will meet with you to see what you and your mechanical watch needs. You will be provided with a free quote and a free estimate regarding the work that needs done and the possible solutions that are available for you!

At M&I International, we are able to provide refinishing and polishing the watch casing, the watch band, and the watch dial. We also provide watch band resizing which is completed while you are waiting, internal component repairs including stem and crown and mainspring repairs, and watch battery replacements for all major brands such as Seiko, Casio, Citizen, and many more.

Each piece of your watch will be deeply cleaned and polished in order to remove any potential residue, corrosion, and oxidation. Additionally, parts of your mechanical watch that might be broken or damaged with be replaced on-site thanks to our large inventory of specialized spare parts! All components of your watch will be taken apart, re-oiled, and then reassembled as safely as possible to ensure your complete watch is working correctly in its entirety.

We recommend that your mechanical watch undergoes a complete cleaning and service maintenance every three years. Even if your watch is working properly, we recommend regular maintenance to keep your watch working properly and protect it from any potential harms and damages since watches can be quite fragile. We are able to provide this service and maintenance for you and all of your watches any time that you need!

Stop on in to M&I International today and we will be honored to help with your mechanical watch. We are here to assist you!


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