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Watch & Jewelry Repair

Fine jewelry deserves the finest care. From ring resizing to a watch crystal replacement, the expert technicians are familiar with all styles and materials from classic to modern designs to restore your jewelry to perfect condition. Repairs are done in our on site repair shop and can usually be completed while you wait. Learn more about our jewelry repair services.


Mens Watch Las Vegas

Find the perfect watch to make a bold statement about your personal style. We carry the finest timepieces with every style of watch band, from 14K gold to exotic leathers. Now you have watch repair nearby, watch batteries and jewelry repair included. Next time you think “watch repair near me” think M&I.


Watch bands, batteries and more

Not only do we specialize in fine watches, we also stock a wide variety of watch batteries and bands for all major brands. We carry hundreds of standard and specialty watch batteries in all sizes, and have over 100,000 crystals to fit any timepiece. Let our experts help you find the right battery or band for your watch today.

Jewelry & Watch Repair Las Vegas Experts

The leading experts in watch repair, jewelry repair, ring resizing, custom rings, custom jewelry and much more for over 30 years. Not to mention our complete inventory of watch batteries and watch bands.

M&I is Watch Repair.

M & I International is Las Vegas’ premier jeweler for everything from diamond engagement rings to high end watches and custom jewelry creations. Family owned and operated since 1984, we pride ourselves on providing top quality on-site service for all jewelry and watch repair needs. When you think “watch repair Las Vegas”, remember M&I and stop by.

The M&I quality standard

We take pride in our custom jewelry designs and our watch repair work. That’s why we’ve hired the best watch repair experts to join our team and provide amazing customer service. If you need watch repair, watch batteries or jewelry repair in Las Vegas, you can count on us. From custom rings, ring resizing and especially watch repair. Las Vegas watch repair has never been easier.

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“I’ve left satisfied every time and will continue to do so in the future. The price is right and the staff is friendly and efficient. It’s also family owned, which also makes me a supporter of M&I. Recommended to all!”

Rex D. from San Diego, CA


The experts in
jewelry and watches

Family-owned, Professional Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repair Shop in Las Vegas since 1984. In addition to our expert repair services, we stock a wide variety of watch batteries and accessories to go with your precious mementos.

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